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Why you’re not in the SEO game without blogs on your website

Digital marketing experts know the power of blogs to improve your SEO ranking and increase traffic to your website. So we thought we’d share a few insights.

Having a Facebook page or group is great for creating attention with posts although is not the complete solution for several reasons. Google does not index your posts, the Facebook page does not detail your business and services as effectively as a website, and most importantly the default search engine on the internet remains Google.

Using Long Tail search words in your blogs

Google loves unique content, expertise and useful content to answer Google search enquiries. “Long tail” search words are the now the norm and work better than single or double word searches initially used. You can learn more here on Long Tail search words.

Here a few examples of a long tail search enquiry.

  • How do I improve my Google search ranking with SEO to increase traffic?
  • What are the secrets to good Italian cooking?
  • What should I do to get the longest life from my bed mattress?
  • Where are the best kids activities for party’s and school holidays in my area?

How to write a good blog for SEO.

The first question above is one we would use as a digital marketing firm, so included in this blog you’re reading are some key words relevant to the long tail search. How do I improve my Google search ranking with SEO to increase traffic? We look first at the most likely enquiries and then target and use those words in our blog. Google in turn will locate these terms when indexing our site, and reward us for Unique, Useful, Expertise, and list this blog in search results.

What are the secrets to good Italian cooking? The second search question above could be used by a restaurant, café, cooking school, or indeed anyone with a related service. Simply write a blog including the key words, use some links to good websites, make it Unique, Useful, and offer Expertise. Load the blog onto your webpage, the share to FB & social media. Google’s geolocator will automatically drive local traffic to your blog/website, so adding location to your blog is not always necessary.

Starters Guide for the Blog process

The purpose of your blog for existing clients or followers is to demonstrate your expertise, and by giving great tips for free creates excellent goodwill for your business. Google will reward all of this.

Below is a short example for a client with a plumbing business, NJB Plumbing and Gasfitting. The blogs always seeks to answer a common question, then provides useful content.

First house these on your website blog post, add a nice graphic, then share across all your social media. If you’re currently writing Facebook posts simply post first to your blog, then socialise.
Why is your water white /milky /cloudy?

The post answers a very simple question many people will have, and the title is easily searched and will lead people to the answer.

We also use video for impact and popularity. (YouTube is owned by Google – you may note video showing up more in search results, this will become the norm. Learn more here, Why Video Marketing is so Important

There are many pieces to the SEO puzzle and we cannot cover everything in this post, suffice to say starting with a blog on your website is a KEY component. You can learn more on some of these posts:

How do I Improve my Google ranking?

Content Tips for Social Media

If you’re still scratching your head about SEO, you can learn more here. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of maximising the effectivenes of websites, sitemaps, meta descriptions, page titles, image alt tags, links and general web content to work effectively with the Google algorithm.

Thanks for reading our blog today, we hope this was useful for you.

All the best,

Dugald Braithwaite

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How do I Improve my Google Ranking?

How do I Improve my Google Ranking?

Many Clients ask us “how do I Improve my Google Ranking?”

To start with, Google Rankings are the result of internet search results by the major search engines and thus most commonly known as SEO. Predominantly people are referring to the algorithm used by Google to search through websites and internet content to find the highest-ranking content that is the most relevant, unique, popular and authoritative content for any particular search words.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of maximising the effectives of websites, sitemaps, meta descriptions, page titles, image alt tags, links and general web content to work effectively with the Google algorithm.

All these attributes combine to develop a Google algorithm score that creates your ranking. We are located in Bowral in the Southern Highlands, thus location, and content for this region are important considerations for us.

You ranking will improve automatically with the popularity of your website or other content, although improving your SEO will dramatically raise your Google Ranking, but there are many considerations to achieve this. You may also wish to read Get Top Google Rankings work and Why is SEO Important.

Other considerations are location to the search, volume of content & blogs (see Social Media Content Tips), uniqueness of the content, external links, and authority of referring sites.

Achieving great Google Rankings takes time is reliant on all the variables mentioned above, which is why it is most often combined with Social Media Management and specialist SEO service providers.

If you don’t have hundreds of hours a month to spend working on your SEO and Google ranking, contact us to discuss how we can kick start a program for you.

In summary a few considerations to get started:

  • Set up Business Profiles across all major Social Media platforms with links to your website
  • Also list all your business details correctly on directories and update these regularly for accuracy
  • Describe your most important relevant services in the first two paragraphs on your website
  • Write content regularly on your website blog and share these to your social pages
  • Consider also producing video content which rates highly on Google

Good luck achieving a great google ranking, but if it all gets to hard we’re here to help. We provide a specialist service to guarantee you great results, see out Total Social Management package.

All the best,

Dugald Braithwaite

We sort the confucion

Content Tips for Social Media

Social Media Content Tips

We often get asked what is good content, why it is important and how does it help SEO rankings?

This article doesn’t seek to answer all of those questions so you may also like to look at, What is SEO, Why Uniqueness and Authenticity are Important, Why Video is King, and a new way of thinking to keep up with Google’s Algorithms – Long Tail Keywords set to dominate.

For this article we’ll look at a few important platforms and provide a short insight to get you started.

FACEBOOK Business Page

Offer Value – Combine a timely mix of content about your business (product tips, sales events, behind-the-scenes items and photos) use third-party content, such as links to industry blogs and forums. This builds your credibility as a resource of value to users. Read more Why Uniqueness and Authenticity are Important

Short & to the point – Long posts won’t achieve the shares, likes and comments you’re after. Try 60-80 words with links to more detailed information (Your website blog, or an external resource)

Regularity – Try to post weekly to keep engagement with your followers and keep the conversation alive – you want to be viewed as a valuable source of information. If you suddenly go quiet and disappear you may lose credibility.

Links – Always include a link back to your business website. Also consider links to other sites.

Content Variety – Use a mix of different posts, videos, photos, contests, polls, etc. Images are King so always be on the lookout around the office and on your travels to take some great snaps and short videos.

WEBSITE & Online Blogs

As a general rule blogs should be content rich and can be up to a 1000 words. Readers who click through from your headline are more prepared to read a more in-depth piece than say on Facebook. “Content Rich” refers to creating hyperlinks and cross referencing. Read more What is SEO

Useful – Informative and insightful comment into an area of speciality – try to be unique and offer an opinion, even the most talked about topics or ones you consider boring can be spiced up with a new perspective.

Timely – Try to pick topical events in the here and now! Discuss changes in the market, regulations etc. Listing Apps are becoming more prominent overseas, jump online and see what everyone’s talking about and join the conversation.

Specific – Some of the best blog posts are ultra-specific to their target audience. The more specific your headline is, the better success the post has at resonating with the right people. “5 Tips for” “How to avoid” “When is the best time to”

AIDA – This is a time proven marketing concept that stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. Grab your readers attention with a great headline, develop interest and desire (or fear) with important information and then a call to action.

A final note for those looking to get creative with video.
For Video Text Short snippets work best – try to avoid saying too much. Videos are useful for conveying one or two points to gain the viewers interest – then provide links to a blog or more detailed article. Allow to the imagery to tell the story and enhance your message.

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