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How does a website fit into the digital marketing puzzle?

Custom built wordpress business websites designed from the ground up for maximum client appeal, functionality and SEO performance.

Big or small we will tailor a website just perfect for you.

Custom Built WordPress Websites for Business

Quick Video Guide - How We Build Your Website

Building a Great Website

Have a Goal for your Site

Decide whether you are providing information, selling on-line, or both. As yourself why people are looking for your product or service, and how to make your site purpose built and easy for them to use.

Create Unique Content

Your website should explain in your own words what your business offers.

What you offer

Clear descriptions and easy to navigate services, products, special offers.

Who you are

Who the key people in your business are, and what customers can expect if they develop a relationship with you.

Calls to Action

Another way to make your goals very clear to visitors is to utilise calls to action. Do you want them to sign up for your newsletter? If so, add a form on your main page. Do you want them to shop through your new collection of products? Tell them so.

How to contact you

All websites should include several methods of contacting you, and include phone number, email address and location. Google maps can direct people to your front door.

Always include a contact form

When people are on the go and phone browsing they may not always have access to email, it’s a smart idea to always offer this easy way to contact you as a backup.

Include a Blog or News Page

Blogs drive website traffic and create excellent SEO results, demonstrating unique regular content and expertise in your service/product area.

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Phone First Digital Marketing - Websites - Social Media - SEO - SEM
Phone First Digital Marketing - Websites - Social Media - SEO - SEM
Phone First Digital Marketing - Email Marketing - Social Media - SEO